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Mehndi Designs : Bridal Heena – Mehndi for Bridal

Bridal Heena… Oh its time to enjoy and feel of bridal heena design for the first time. Basically, it is the wonderful and graceful feeling of the bride which is presented on palms of the bride.

Heena is known to be an Ancient part of Indian Body Art. Henna powder itself is green in color, but the stain it leaves behind is usually an orange-red color. Henna, in best result got significance for its pure form. It is used in creating detailed cultural or contemporary designs and unusual patterns on various parts of the body; traditionally mehendi was used on the hands and feet of Indian bride and women on some special occasions. Nowadays some guys are finding it a good option of permanent tattoos. But now both men and women enjoy the temporary tattoo.

The art of applying henna in this manner is called Mehendi; it is an ancient ritual and art form. You cannot find Indian wedding is ever complete without the mehendi ceremony. The cultural of mehendi is followed in every part of the country on the hands of the bride are decorated with the lovely red color of the mehendi. Henna designs can be also used as armlets, bracelets, anklets, and general designs on hands and feet. Various kinds of designs can be made depending on the occasion. In wedding ceremonies mostly traditional Indian designs are made on the hands of the bride. These traditional designs are classified and detailed. Today brides also opt for Arabic designs, ornamental designs and tattoo designs like necklace tattoos, navel tattoos and anklet tattoos. Bridal Henna should be applied 1-3 days before the wedding to allow the henna stain time to mature and deepen. Dark colors can be obtained by leaving Heena for 2-4 hours or overnight after applying and remove it in the morning. Traditionally the groom’s initials are hidden in the patterns. The groom must search for the initials on the wedding night, if he can’t find his initials he is expected to give a gift to his new bride!

Many Indian brides wanted the feel of traditional Indian bridal mehendi while keeping the design patterns a bit lighter and more open than the dense design patterns popular for contemporary Indian brides. Some Indian brides get marrying into a rich family and incorporated customs from both of their cultures into the wedding. They host a henna party that included all the women from the groom’s family so everyone would have a chance to experience some of the traditional Indian wedding customs.

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